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Flight Training

Sky Sports Flying School operates fully certified ultralight aircraft, and offers complete training for all would be 3 axis pilots. Training can be carried out entirely on your own aircraft or most students tend to prefer to undertake the initial training on the school's aircraft, then completing their tuition on their very own ultralight. Courses can be tailored to your individual needs, and onsite accommodation is available if you require. Ground courses in every aspect of 3 axis flying are available for you to be able to complete your full pilot certificate and all of the various endorsements. Hands-on trial instructional flights are also available to give you a taste of this exciting form of aviation. Call to arrange a flight on 0419 942 645 We offer you a complete package tailored to suit all your needs, so if you want to learn to fly, have a trial flight, a conversion course, ground tuition, exams, general flying test, radio course and certificate, cross country endorsement, bi-annual review and aircraft inspections or just talk ultralighting then we can help.

No landing fees. No hold ups.
Outside Controlled Airspace (OCTA)
7 days a week.

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